W209 Section 2: Board Game Map

Created by Jim Bauserman, Kanitha Mann, and Keenan Szulik

What board game should you play next? Using data courtesy of Board Game Geek, we've provided some visualizations on the current top 500 board games. Find the next game you would like to play today!

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Take a look at quick details of the game, which can be changed by hovering over a blue dot on one of the charts below.

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Find out what popular games have the highest rating, and check the marks to see it distributed by different categories.

Click a black dot (Category), gray dot (Mechanic), or blue dot (Game) to have the map show similar Categories, Mechanics, and Games to it. If you know the game you want to find, enter it in the "Highlight a Game" box. If you're not ready to commit, you can hover over the dots to show a tooltip.